‘IRGC decrypts enemy data’

30 September 2012 | 22:13 Code : 1907432 Latest Headlines
The chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy says the IRGC cyber forces have decrypted the most confidential data of enemy states.

“Today, our cyber forces have easily accessed the most confidential information [encrypted] by the enemy and [our] cyber warfare capabilities have been effectively improved,” Rear-Admiral Ali Fadavi said on Sunday as he inaugurated IRGC Navy Information Technology (IT) systems.

Underscoring the “daily increasing activities of enemies in the cyber space”, the admiral said: “Counterrevolutionary [circles] have remarkably added to their Farsi-language satellite channels in the past one month. In the light of this trend, we have to enter this sector by relaying on our own experts with more determination and seriousness.”

He noted that the enemies are ready to spend “billions” in return for acquiring the least information about the IRGC.

“Information security is a master key which we would prioritize,” Fadavi said. “If our systems are not secure enough, the enemy could easily use our information.”

The head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, Brigadier Gholam-Reza Jalali, told Press TV earlier this month that Iran has acquired the necessary infrastructure to defend against soft threats.

On September 22, the DataCoders Security Team said an Iranian cyber team, known as Iranian DataCoders Security Team, has hacked nearly 370 Israeli websites.

It said in a statement that nearly 370 commercial, security, economic and internet provider websites affiliated with the Israeli regime have been hacked.

The hacked websites include Israel Special Security Projects (ISSP), Ono Security - a prominent Israeli supplier and importer of security-oriented systems and products - and Teva Bank.

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