NATO Pursues Dangerous Plan for the Region

06 December 2012 | 14:55 Code : 1910014 From the Other Media General category’s interview with Amir Mousavi, an expert on strategic affairs
NATO Pursues Dangerous Plan for the Region


- Patriot missiles can be both defensive and offensive. This depends on their deployment. If they are deployed close to the borders and have a horizontal position with a low angle, they are in an offensive position and are able to target neighboring territories and any military moves, missiles, helicopters, and planes.

- But if they are installed in a vertical position, they can be used for defense and can chase any missile launched against the target country. If the stations carrying these missiles are placed within a small distance of Syria's border, for example 5 to 10 km from the border, and their angle is horizontal, then they are in an offensive position. Turkey intends to aim at air targets inside the Syrian territory, hence, the idea that this country attempts to create a secure no-fly zone in Syria is strengthened.

- During Mr. Larijani's trip to this country, Turkish officials promised that this system would only be used to defend Turkey's airspace. But it seems that this claim is incorrect. This is a plan beyond the issue of Syria. NATO pursues a plan for the future of the region, for the possibility of an attack against Syria, Hezbollah, and perhaps the Islamic Republic of Iran.

- NATO is planning a very dangerous scheme in the region. They are deploying several missile systems in the region, one along the border between Turkey and Syria and the other south of the occupied territories in the Negev Desert. These missile systems are also deployed in Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. This is, in fact, a state of high alert both from the US and NATO and the European Union. 

- The Syrian army has launched severe attacks against the Ras-al-Ain border area in northern Syria and the south of Turkey. On the other hand, the route to take military aids to the Syrian rebels passes through this region. Therefore, Syrian planes perform operations everyday over this area. NATO and Turkey probably intend to minimize the flights of the Syrian army in this region and prevent these operations.

- There is no problem if the Patriot missiles are deployed for defense, and it is any country's right to defend its land, air and seas. But if these missiles are aimed at Syria, it would be a sign of a threatening regional and or even extra-regional war. Syria has strategic agreements with Iran and Russia. I believe that things will become complicated. It seems that the visits made by Mr. Larijani and Putin were in line with these agreements. All diplomatic efforts are aimed at preventing this confrontation and Turkey's strategic mistake. 

- The objective behind the deployment of Patriot missiles goes beyond the issue of Syria, for if NATO decides to enter this scene, it would not need to take this measure in Turkey. It could finish the job through a powerful operation, but the deployment of such missiles means spiritual support for the government of Turkey. The Turkish government has been truly defeated in the Syrian crisis. Its relations with Iran and Russia have been damaged and Putin, following his meeting with Erdogan, stated that Russia has serious differences with Turkey over the issue of Syria. 

- Therefore, Turkey is faced with numerous problems in the region. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have done nothing but give money to Assad's opponents, and the US and Europe have not shown Turkey strong support in critical circumstances. The deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey's border is aimed at accelerating Turkey’s mental and spiritual recovery and supporting its government.

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