A Difficult Test

04 October 2013 | 22:36 Code : 1922402 From Other Media General category
Fararu.com’s interview with Amir Moosavi, a strategist and advisor to former Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani
A Difficult Test

- I believe that the main points of relations or negotiations between Iran and the US have been formed and other issues heard from both sides are sideline issues.

- In my opinion, the statements made by Obama in his meeting with Netanyahu were because of two reasons, the first of which is Netanyahu’s presence in the White House.

- The second reason is that Obama made these statements on a day when the Republicans in Congress were studying the issue of the budget and Obama intended to gain the votes of the Republicans for the adoption of the budget by making such statements but to no avail.

- Thus, Obama’s statements are not very serious and I believe that the statements he made during Mr. Rohani’s presence in New York were more serious.

- Obama is now under pressure from three sides; the Republicans, the Zionist lobby and the Arab states of the region plus Turkey, all of which exert pressure on the US to reduce the speed of its movement towards Iran.

- In my opinion, the establishment of relations between Iran and the US automatically creates security for Israel. It means that it is impossible that relations and cooperation that would be created between Iran and the US would lead to difficult conditions being created for Israel.

- Iran and the US work along the lines of their interests and have not yet entered the area of taking positions.

- Neither can Iran reduce US support for Israel, nor can the US impact Iran’s support of Hezbollah and Palestine. Hence, Iran and the US are now under conditions where they must consider their common interests and collaborate with each other.

- If this collaboration in interests is created, then the positions can be discussed and it is not impossible that following confidence-building, certain agreements would be made so that no problem would be created for Hezbollah and Hamas and that there would be no talk of Israel’s annihilation.

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