Bahrain: 8 More Sentenced to Life in Prison

28 April 2014 | 21:20 Code : 1932132 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- Eight Bahrainis were sentenced to life in prison with a case related to the political crisis in the country.

The sentences come in a package of vengeful verdicts that criminalize dissidents. Only a week ago, 12 dissidents were sentenced to life in prison, reported.

On the other hand, the Bahraini judiciary acquits red-handed police officers charged with killings and torture of citizens.

Prisoners continue to complain of torture, beating and coercion, during arrest and interrogation, in order to extract ready-made confessions set by the security apparatuses. Bahrain’s judiciary faces international criticism, in mid 2011, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said Bahrain trials bear marks of ‘political persecution’. Yet, international rights NGOs continue to condemn Bahrain for its ‘travesty of justice’ and appalling human rights situation.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said the judiciary’s harsh sentences are issued in the shadow of the shocking rights violations committed against political prisoners. The authorities have failed to respect the rights of political prisoners prior to and during trial, Al Wefaq added. The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, chaired by international law expert Cherif Bassiouni, confirmed that Bahrain judiciary uses trials to attack and repress dissidents.

"The consecutive harsh sentences handed to dissidents entrench the opposition’s demand to establish an independent and impartial judiciary based on the separation of powers," Al Wefaq said.

Al Wefaq called for the release of all political prisoners, especially the political figures and prisoners of conscience, who are facing trials for their calls for a democratic State.

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