Significance of Rohani’s Visit to Turkey

09 June 2014 | 14:17 Code : 1934060 From Other Media General category’s interview with Dr. Bahram Amirahmadian, an expert on Turkish affairs
Significance of Rohani’s Visit to Turkey

-In my opinion, Mr. Rohani’s visit to Turkey is, by nature, a valuable visit because the visit of the highest-ranking official of a country is indicative of the importance of the relations between these two countries and shows the depth of their relations.

-This visit is also made in response to the visit made by Mr. Erdogan to Iran few months ago.

-On the other hand, very important developments have happened in the region and perhaps this visit is significant because Europe is probably under pressure by Russia with regard to the issue of gas, thus, Iran could use this opportunity and play a role in this regard and utilize its potentials which it did not have the chance to use before.

-The main point is that, following the crisis in Ukraine, Iranian officials have stated many times that they can play a role in exporting gas to Europe, hence, it is a good opportunity now to talk about this matter; although the implementation of the export of Iran’s gas to Europe takes time, Iran can play a role in the charter of Europe’s energy.

-Iran and Turkey are old neighbors and all the necessary legal substructures exist for their cooperation in all fields. The determination of the leaders of both countries is only needed for this cooperation and Mr. Rohani seems to be very serious in entering this scene.

-Iran and Turkey are both members of ECO which has not yet been active, thus, both parties can talk about the reactivation of this organization during this visit.

-Another important issue in which both Iran and Turkey are interested is the issue of the cooperation of the two countries in the reconstruction of Afghanistan; Iran and Turkey have committed themselves to the issue of Afghanistan (another member of ECO) in the Bonn Conference and can now cooperate with each other in this regard.

-Among the other important issues which could be negotiated on in this visit is the bilateral cooperation of Iran and Turkey especially with regard to the issues of transport and tourism. It seems that Iran could use Turkey’s good experiences in touristic substructures and management and organization of touristic places and also tourism economy.

-Iran and Turkey’s interests with regard to the issue of Syria are different and these differences had led to cold relations between the two countries in the past.

-Therefore, I believe that while the issue of Syria is important for both Iran and Turkey, it should not be the main basis of talks and negotiations.

-I believe that both countries are wise enough to refrain from allowing the issue of Syria to create tension in their relations because it is not in the interest of either of them.

-It is natural that when other parties see that the ruling party has close relations with its powerful neighbor and the two countries rely on each other, Mr. Rohani’s visit could reiterate the attempts made by the government of Mr. Erdogan to establish regional cooperation between the two countries and with regard to the issues of the world of Islam.

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