Daesh and Iraq

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By: Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Kharrazi
Daesh and Iraq

Since some time ago, Iraq and the Levant are burning in a fire of lies, treason, and conspiracy. Muslims are trapped by the rage of the earth. It seems as though blood, misery, pain and suffering have surrounded them. What is happening in Iraq these days and what happened in Syria before is a crime which unfortunately has become a common phenomenon. The creation of Daesh more than a year ago needs to be seriously studied. A deeper look at this group without any prejudice shows that the indifference of the world powers with regard to the oppressed people of Syria and Iraq, the shameful unity of some of regional governments including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the paradoxical behavior of the US and Britain, and the ambitions of the Ba’athist way of thinking in this area have all played serious roles in this matter. It would seem appropriate to patiently study the marginal issues of this matter which are sometimes more important than the main issue itself. Either the US’ political, military and security systems have differences with each other or they are based on paradoxical behaviors. At the height of the Mosul massacre, President Obama appeared indifferently on US television networks and stated that this is Iraq’s domestic issue and the result of their political differences and so long as these differences are not resolved and the dissatisfaction of the Sunnis and their non-participation in the social scene are not redefined one cannot be optimistic about a serious plan although there are options of military and security cooperation. After a few hours, the catastrophe worsened and the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group interpreted Obama’s speech as US support for this group with the strategy of silence, thus, increased the scope of its crimes against the people. The US Secretary of Defense immediately studied the situation in Iraq and the Pentagon Spokesperson invited all of Iraq’s neighboring countries and the countries of the region, including Iran, to support the legitimate government of Iraq and take positions against the behavior and advances made by Daesh and enter the scene. Hagel gave orders to the Chief Commander of the US forces in the region in the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf and also to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and its central base in Kuwait to remain in complete readiness and ordered the US warship to move towards the Persian Gulf and Iraq. Besides having remote control systems by air, space and sea, this ship has long-range missiles and 560 operational forces and 256 special guards to defend and support the US embassy in Baghdad. The US Chief Commander ordered the US drones to help the Iraqi army when they attempt to attack the positions of Daesh. Immediately, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, took an official position with regard to the future of Iran-US negotiations and with regard to Daesh while confirming the state of readiness for the US Army.

The US’ security and military forces are extremely concerned about the phenomenon of the new al-Qaeda, Daesh, and their radical and harsh slogans. Treason, inconsideration and the games played by the politicians will be another trap for US security inside and outside of these countries and the region. History has shown that the Takfiri groups can never be trusted. It is surprising how the US President and the British Prime Minister and some western officials are influenced by the information given by the security and intelligence institutions of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE and remain silent against all of these bitter events whose firm objective is the suppression of their regional forces. The same positions in Pakistan and Afghanistan led by the ISI and the security systems of the Arab states and al-Qaeda and the Taliban once caused George Bush and the security and military system of the US to take positions against Iran. It was very regretful that at that time they were not able to realize Iran’s extra-territorial capacity and they know well that if Iran had not helped in the suppression of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the US would have been drowned in the blood bath of Afghanistan.

Another important point is the support of the intelligence systems of Saudi Arabia and Turkey for Daesh and propaganda for this group and the creation of a psychological war to revive their spirit. It is interesting to note that the incident of the occupation of the Turkish Consulate in Mosul was only a deceitful act. The Turkish Consulate in Mosul is Daesh’s central command room in the occupation of this city and the staff of the consulate have not been taken hostage, but are rather protected by this group and those who were announced to have been taken hostage are the ones who sent missiles and weapons to Daesh forces.

The hospital located in the border between Turkey and Iraq is the hospital for Daesh forces and the issue of the occupation of the consulate is a mere lie. The interesting point is that Turkey has supported the al-Nusra Front and Daesh in Syria during all this time. A few days ago, the Syrian army forces in the southeastern part of Damascus attacked a base and found documents which showed that the members of the al-Nusra Front had achieved 16 pipes of sarin chemical gas through a senior Turkish security officer from the Bulgarian black market, each one of which was capable of poisoning 500 square meters. These poisonous pipes were supposed to be used in the swearing-in ceremony of Bashar Assad a few days ago via mid-range missile thrown towards the center of Damascus.

Saudi Arabia has used all of its financial, military and propaganda possibilities against the government of Noori al-Maleki. All of the media which is supported by Saudi Arabia including al-Arabiya, al-Hadas, al-Sharghiya, al-Babeliya and al-Rafedin pursue the same line and state that Daesh is not a small group and this is the revolution of the deprived tribes and ethnic groups of Iraq. They constantly interview them and create psychological wars. It is interesting that during the past 4 days they have been stressing that Tal Afar, which is a strategic city located between Syria and Mosul has fallen into the hands of the revolutionary nomads with 200000 residents. 45% of the population of this city are Shiites, 42% Sunnis and 7% Kurds and non-Muslims. The MKO in Iraq, the Arab media in the region, Saudi Arabia, BBC and some of Turkey’s media outlets claim that this is a popular revolution when Daesh criminals massacre more than 1700 people in Tikrit, the majority of whom were the university students of the Iraqi Air Force and were Sunnis. News of this crime was censored in the media. Since the entrance of the terrorist Ba’athist forces of Daesh, 12 mosque preachers have been executed. The majority of the heads of the Sunni nomad tribes have now joined the military forces of the government. The fatwa of Jihad issued by the religious scholars in Iraq caused the army to regain its confidence. More than two million people have registered under the name of the Alawi Basij. With this religious decree and other new developments in Iraq wherein Daesh has lost some of its positions, the Ba’athist group, under its new name, the Naghshbandi Army, commanded by Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam’s First Deputy who is now the leader of the Ba’ath Party, have clashed with the Salafis of Daesh which led to the killing of more than 24 senior forces of Daesh and the son and son-in-law of Izzat Ibrahim. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s younger brother has also been arrested in one of the army attacks. Ali Ghaidan, the commander of the ground forces, and Abboud Ghanbar, the commander of Iraq’s army operations ,who, along with 500 forces, had fled to Erbil from Mosul have been arrested and transferred to Baghdad. The interesting point is that both commanders who have committed treason against the people and government of Iraq were considered as Saddam’s loyal forces until 2003.

I would like to attract the attention of the respected readers to the point that the Daesh group has a Nasebi, Salafi and Ba’athist ideology with blood-thirsty behavior and was formed by Saddam’s loyal forces and the leaders of the Ba’ath party of Iraq and Syria and is financially supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE and there are deep ideological differences between Abu Bakr Baghdadi, Izzat Ibrahim and all the Ba’athists and Takfiris but they all pursue the same objective. That objective is to destroy the resistance in Iraq and Syria and Iran’s dominance in the Middle East. Could it be said that the political, security and military forces of the West are dissatisfied with such horrific phenomena? It is up to the readers to judge!

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