Commander Dismisses ISIL Presence in Western Iran

26 August 2014 | 21:28 Code : 1937487 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- Commander of the Iranian Border Guards Units General Qassem Rezayee strongly rejected some western media reports alleging that a few Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) members are operative in the Western parts of Iran, stressing that the country's borders are completely secure and ISIL is thousands of kilometers away.

"Such news and rumors related to them are not true since the ISIL doesn’t threaten our borders as we are monitoring all enemy moves at our borders and pursue them, while we have the upper-hand and are completely vigilant, to prevent any blow to our borders," Rezayee told FNA when asked to comment on the claims that the ISIL members are present in the bordering areas of Iran's West Azerbaijan province.

"So, I deny these reports and given the information that I have about the situation of the country's borders and monitoring them, I explicitly announce that the ISIL cannot be present at our borders to make a move to threaten Iran" as a puppet of the arrogant powers (the term used in Iran to refer to the US, Israel and its allies), he added.

Rezayee ensured Iranians of full security along the country's borders, and stressed that Iran's borders in the East are also calm and there is no terrorist or outlawed move in there either.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Interior Ministry Spokesman Hossein Ali Amiri reiterated full control over the country's borders, and said the terrorists active in Iraq, including the ISIL, do not dare to pose a threat to Iran.

"Given the regional conditions, good measures have been planned for the common borders with the neighboring countries, specially Iraq," Amiri said.

Stressing the good and secure conditions at Iran's borders, he underlined that no specific threat is posed to the country's borders.

Amiri said Iran's border is not under the threat of the ISIL, and added, "This lack of concern doesn’t mean a lack of vigilance as the current conditions necessitate us to be precise and vigilant."

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