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18 September 2014 | 22:54 Code : 1938512 Latest Headlines
Tehran, Sept 18, IRNA - The news of President Hassan Rouhani’s trip to New York to attend the 69th UN General Assembly session next week and its concurrence with a new round of talks between Iran and world powers on Tehranˈs nuclear energy program has fueled media speculations. wrote ˈIran Dailyˈ published Thursday.

But the new round of talks in New York is not a last-ditch effort to settle Iran’s nuclear standoff. Rather it’s the continuation of earlier negotiations and diplomatic efforts to finalize a comprehensive agreement. Nuclear negotiators know that the talks on the sidelines of the General Assembly session are crucial as they can radically influence the fate of talks, underscored the English-language paper in its Opinion column (pg 2).

During the upcoming meetings, both sides are expected to focus on problematic areas over which they are deeply divided and strive to resolve their disagreements at the negotiating table.

These talks are anticipated to be overshadowed by deepening tensions between the US and its European allies with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine and sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow, it noted.

Some analysts believe that Russia may obstruct the process in retaliation. They say Russia might not have a positive role this time as it did before in order to use Iran’s nuclear issue as a leverage to pressure the West into making concessions over the Ukrainian crisis.

However, some observers' opinions differ. They believe that the Russia-West row is an excellent opportunity for Iran, as a neighbor who has close ties with Russia, to gain the upper hand over the P5+1 in the course of negotiations, it noted.

The turmoil in Ukraine has grown into a real issue for the international community but it should not be viewed as something that can fully affect Iran’s nuclear talks with major powers. Naturally, diplomats will do their best to steer the talks on the right track.

Another issue that might affect New York talks is the unilateral US actions against Iran including adding more individuals and entities to the sanction list which Tehran described as being against the spirit of the Geneva deal and in some cases in violation with certain terms of the landmark agreement, pointed out the daily.

Iran is also angered by the West for ignoring its positive role in fighting terrorism which is nothing but a misunderstanding about Tehran’s influence in regional and international equations.

What is clear, anyhow, is that negotiators from both sides are trying to hammer out a ‘good deal’ to end the decade-long dispute over Iran’s nuclear activities, highlighted the daily.

Experts predict the New York talks to be positive as all parties involved have already demonstrated sheer determination in the past year to reach a final accord. The agenda of the New York talks has already been established following consultation with other negotiating teams and all diplomats are ready to undertake a new round of nuclear discussions, concluded the paper.

*Ali-Akbar Farazi used to serve as Iran’s ambassador to Hungary & Romania

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