IRGC Discloses Details of Failed Terrorist Attack on Border Checkpoint

07 October 2014 | 20:45 Code : 1939348 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Tuesday revealed more details about a terrorist attack on a border checkpoint in Southeastern Iran which was pushed back by the IRGC forces in early September.

The IRGC Ground Force's Quds Base announced in a statement in September that "a team of terrorists and outlaws attacked a checkpoint station in Saravan border region and intended to capture it, but the IRGC Quds Base forces accompanied by the local people and Basiji troops of the Sistan and Balouchestan province repelled the attack".

In remarks to FNA on Tuesday, the IRGC Ground Force commander disclosed that during the failed attack 70 terrorists armed with 600kg of explosive materials and devices sought to blast the border checkpoint.

"The terrorists attacked checkpoint 171 with a large cache of munitions and a large number of forces," Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour told FNA on Tuesday.

"They rammed a vehicle laden with 600kg of explosives into the wall of the checkpoint building and a huge blast occurred and the checkpoint's walls collapsed but after about three and a half hours of clashes, they couldn’t attain their goal," he added.

Noting that 70 terrorists had attacked the checkpoint, Pakpour said they had come from the Pakistani soil and wanted to surround the border checkpoint, but failed.

He expressed regret that one of the Basij forces present in the checkpoint was martyred by the terrorists.

The terrorists escaped to Pakistan after sustaining heavy casualties during the clashes, Pakpour said.

According to IRGC officials, tens of terrorists were killed in the attack and their bodies were left in the deserts of the region for several days.

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