UN Warns about Threat of Full-Scale War in Libya

29 December 2014 | 20:41 Code : 1942463 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- The United Nations Organization warned against a threat of a full-scale civil war in Libya.

The UN mission for support of Libya said that targets in the city of Misrata, a Takfiri-Salafi stronghold fighting against the central government, came under air strikes on Sunday. The UN mission urged all parties to the conflict to stop violence which is pushing the country to chaos, Itar-Tass reported.

Air strikes on Misrata became a retaliatory action to an assault of gunmen on the city of al-Sidr where the largest export oil terminal is located. Last Thursday, a shell hit the oil storage triggering a major fire that destroyed 850 thousand barrels of oil. Experts do not rule out that disruption of oil supplies from Libya might raise the oil price to more than $60 per barrel again. Back in 2010 Libya was the largest oil producer in Africa, extracting 1.59 million barrels daily. Now oil output has dropped to 352 thousand barrels.

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