Lebanese Army, Arsal Protesters Clash over Security Measures

29 December 2014 | 20:42 Code : 1942464 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- The Lebanese army dispersed on Monday protesters from Arsal trying to storm a checkpoint over the security measures set by the military.

National News agency reported the clash, saying army soldiers fired "in the air to disperse Lebanese and Syrian individuals who were protesting its measures in Wadi Hmeid in Arsal".

Three protesters were injured during the clashes, security sources said, Al-Manar reported.

Arsal residents were protesting an army decision to require special permits for anyone crossing into the Northeastern border town's outskirts.

Many other protesters were also arrested over physical assault of Army troops and a lack of cooperation with the military’s commands.

Resident also briefly blocked the road between the neighboring village of Labweh and Arsal Monday morning, The Daily Star reported.

The clash came despite assurances from the military Sunday that the decision would not target those with legitimate interests in visiting the area.

The Army announced Sunday that the measure, which is aimed at controlling movement in and out of Arsal’s outskirts, where Syrian Takfiri militants holding Lebanese servicemen are holed up, would take effect in 2015.

Arsal was previously invaded by Takfiris, who clashed with Army units and abducted more than 30 soldiers and policemen before withdrawing to the outskirts.

The militants now hold 25 servicemen in total, distributed between ISIL and the al-Nusra Front.

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