Signs of Nearing a Nuclear Agreement

01 March 2015 | 17:04 Code : 1944819 From the Other Media General category’s interview with Mehdi Motahharnia, an expert on international affairs
Signs of Nearing a Nuclear Agreement

-The more we move closer to reaching a comprehensive agreement, the more voices of protest are heard from different political groups. These protests by themselves indicate that Iran and the P5+1 are nearing a final agreement.

-The objective behind the protests against Iran’s nuclear program is not preventing Iran from achieving peaceful or even non-peaceful energy, but rather to exert limiting pressure on Iran.

-In other words, more than Iran’s nuclear program, the aim of these campaigns was to limit and isolate Iran in the international scene.

-That is why the nuclear issue has been discussed since more than a decade ago and pursued as an excuse to launch an unequal war against our country. This method uses media wars to show that the target country is a threat to the international community.

-Therefore, we will better understand what the consequences would be in the regional and international systems if a win-win agreement is reached.

-What is reached in the comprehensive agreement is bypassing the logic of limiting Iran and accepting it in the regional and international system. This is not desirable for those countries of the region which consider themselves as Iran’s rivals.

-Today, Pakistan has the atomic bomb. India has military nuclear capabilities. Israel also has this capacity. Russia’s atomic arms are more than those of the US. Thus, under such conditions, how concerned should the world be about the dimensions of Iran’s nuclear activities?

-What concerns the big powers is the challenges created by Iran in the regional and international scenes which are costly for other regional players.

-That is why the main players of this club which are Israel and Saudi Arabia are more concerned than the others about the nuclear agreement which guarantees Iran’s entrance into the regional and international scene.

-The Jerusalem Post has reported from Israel’s Channel 2 television that the Saudi officials have stated their readiness to cooperate with Israel in an air strike against Iran’s nuclear installations.

-Netanyahu has also taken positions against a nuclear agreement and claimed that Iran is the biggest threat against this regime and warned against a bad agreement between Iran and the big world powers.

-This is while John Kerry has defended the possible agreement between Iran and the P5+1 in the US Senate and stated that those who say that they do not like this agreement do not basically know what an agreement is.

-I have, repeatedly, said that the Israel of the 21st century is different from the Israel of the 20th century and will not be considered as the most vital partner of the US in the region.

-This is while if an agreement is reached between Iran and the West in this regard, Israel will be faced with a political tsunami in the near future which will prepare its collapse in the regional and international dimensions. This will be very costly for Netanyahu, the Likud Party and Israeli radical forces.

-There is no doubt that the statements made by Susan Rice sent a serious message to Israel. Although the coming to power of the Republicans in the Congress might affect this issue, the US is predicted to change its strategic partners from the western hemisphere into the eastern hemisphere which could draw a half-circle from the US to Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Persian Gulf and ultimately to Australia.

-Therefore, the conditions of the 21st century show that Iran is important geographically for the future of the world order and undoubtedly is one of the defined objectives of the US in the first half of the 21st century.

-Thus, if we assume that the priority of the US strategy is to control China and victory over this powerful capitalist power in the new international order, Iran will be the priority of the US’ strategy and Israel will be removed as a priority in US foreign policy. Perhaps this one reason suffices for the Israeli officials to act against a nuclear agreement with Iran.

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