Clinton, JCPOA and the Region

15 June 2016 | 18:35 Code : 1960062 From Other Media General category
An essay by Davood Hermidas Bavand, an expert on international affairs, published in Tehran’s Arman daily
Clinton, JCPOA and the Region

In all parts of the world and in democratic systems, presidential candidates are faced with certain realities which contradict their campaign slogans and they are bound to make decisions based on these realities. Therefore, Trump and Clinton will be confronted with such conditions; thus, while the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have made decisions regarding the JCPOA, how could Clinton or Trump ignore this agreement? The JCPOA is an international commitment and if Clinton becomes president, she must remain committed to this agreement especially since she was Secretary of State during the Obama administration. Although Clinton will continue to support the Zionists, she will be bound to remain committed to the JCPOA. In the US, it is very common that the candidates from both Democratic and Republican parties express their support of the Zionist regime in their campaigns, but in the end they will have to act according to their national interests. The US’ grand strategy is shifted from the Middle East to the Far East and Eastern Asia.


Furthermore, the US considers all possibilities in its relations with Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies and it seems that the US’ need for Middle East oil is almost eliminated and it is now an oil exporter; thus, Riyadh does not have its previous status for the US. Therefore, regional developments have a determining role in the future decisions of the US president. New developments may occur in this region until the new president is elected in the US which might affect US regional policies; but in general if the candidate of the Democratic Party wins the upcoming elections in the US, cooperation with Europe will continue. Of course, US positions with regard to Iran will not change. The Democratic Party always stresses issues of human rights, immigrants, minorities and youth and acts according to the international laws in its foreign policies. This party also believes in more empowerment of the federal government in contradiction to the Republican Party which stresses on the empowerment of the state governments.


In general, the statements made by presidential candidates during their campaigns may be totally different than when they become president because, as mentioned before, the future developments in the world may change the US’ positions. For example, at the present time, the US Congress accuses Saudi Arabia of being involved in the September 11th attacks and it is criticized for its involvement in the Yemen invasion. They have also stated that ISIS is the result of Salafism and Wahhabism which are rooted in Saudi Arabia. These signs have been revealed, thus, the US attempts to consider all possibilities. It will be the same with regard to the region and Iran and their decisions will be made on the future developments.

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