President Rouhani: Iran staying in JCPOA, as long as other parties stay in

20 January 2018 | 20:46 Code : 1974514 Latest Headlines General category

The Iran nuclear deal is very important to peace, stability and development of the region, said President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday in a meeting with the new Cypriot Ambassador in Tehran Petros Nacouzis to receive his credentials.

President Rouhani: Iran staying in JCPOA, as long as other parties stay in

'We will stay committed to the JCPOA [officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], as long as the negotiating parties stay committed to theirs,' said President Rouhani.


The president also said, 'There is good potential for deepening ties in various economic fields between the two countries and promoting banking relations can lay the groundwork for better relations between Tehran and Nicosia'.


Banking relations between the two countries must be developed, said President Rouhani, adding, 'To have inclusive development of relations between the two countries, we require good banking ties.'


'As we have good banking cooperation with many countries in Europe and the region, this kind of relations can be developed between Tehran and Nicosia, as well' added the president.


He also stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran wants peace and development in the region and the world.'Iran supports an independent, integrated Cyprus and underscores the need to solve problems in a fair manner through dialogue'.


The new Ambassador of Cyprus in Tehran presented his letters of credentials to President Rouhani and said, 'Cyprus is fully aware of the important role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in promoting peace and security in the region and the world and appreciates it'.


'Tehran and Nicosia have common goals and that is establishing peace and stability in the region and we believe that the JCPOA must stay alive and this agreement can help promote peace and stability in the region,' Nacouzis added.


He continued that Cyprus is determined to cement its ties with Iran in all fields, including banking relations.


Source: IRNA

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