Zarif congratulates Lebanon on Resistance and Liberation Day

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Zarif congratulates Lebanon on Resistance and Liberation Day

The Iranian foreign minister congratulated the 21st anniversary of the liberation of Lebanon’s southern areas from the Israeli occupation in separate messages to Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the country’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Zeina Aker.

In his messages, Mohammad Javad Zarif highlighted the bravery and sacrifices by the resistance groups’ fighters that led to the victory, IRNA reported.

Describing the strategic solidarity and unity of the Lebanese people, government, Army and resistance as the key to the victories against the Zionist enemy, the top Iranian diplomat wished dignity and pride for Lebanon’s government and people as well as the families of the martyrs and those wounded in action.

Zarif also gave the assurance that the path initiated thanks to the Lebanese leaders’ wisdom will lead the country toward prosperity, stability and progress.

Israel first invaded Lebanon in 1978 and later escalated the military operation into a full-scale offensive in 1982.

Following the 1982 offensive, known as the First Lebanon War, Tel Aviv military machine refused to leave southern Lebanon and continued its occupation in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 425 that called on the regime to immediately withdraw.

However, Israel eventually buckled under the resistance put up by Hezbollah fighters and pulled out its forces from the occupied areas in May 2000.

Each year on May 25, Lebanon marks Resistance and Liberation Day in commemoration of its victory against Israel.

In a message to his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun on Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also congratulated the Lebanese government and people on the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day, according to Press TV.

“I congratulate His Excellency and the honorable government and people of Lebanon on the anniversary of the triumphant and glorious feast of the resistance, which led to the liberation of the country’s south from the invading forces of the Zionist regime through the sacrifice and self-devotion of resilient Lebanese people,” the message read.

“The nature of the Zionist regime, which stems from its aggressive nature, showed that the only way to deal with the aggressors is the nation’s withstanding and resistance. I hope that this path will continue under your leadership until the complete liberation of the Lebanese lands.”

Source: Iran Daily