Iran rejects UN human rights report as ‘biased and politically-motivated’

29 October 2021 | 14:03 Code : 2007232 From the Other Media Latest Headlines General category
Iran rejects UN human rights report as ‘biased and politically-motivated’

Khatibzadeh said the report submitted to the 76th session of the UN General Assembly is selective and politically-motivated. He rejected the worthless allegations made in the report as deplorable, according to the Iranian foreign ministry.

The ministry spokesman emphasized that the report is contrary to the principles and criteria set forth in the rules governing the work of reporters, including the need to obtain facts using objective and reliable information from reliable sources. Khatibzadeh noted that the report can in no way give a true and accurate assessment of the human rights situation in Iran.

He referred to the repeated enmity and unfounded accusations made by the UN Special Rapporteur against the Islamic Republic, saying this record has completely damaged the credibility of his reports and turned them into political statements by terrorist groups and opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to the political and illegitimate goals of the report, Khatibzadeh expressed regret over the targeted concentration of the UN Special Rapporteur on allegations without heeding the measures that have improved human rights in Iran. Khatibzadeh said as stressed repeatedly, appointing a special rights rapporteur for a country like Iran which is under the pressure of the U.S. economic terrorism but has remained committed to its citizens and the international community is basically unjustified and non-constructive.

Khatibzadeh stated that the Islamic Republic, as a democratic system and within the framework of religious obligations and adherence to its constitution and other laws and international treaties, has taken steps to develop and promote human rights at the national, regional and international levels and is committed to it. He noted that the special rapporteur should first wake up from deep sleep and condemn the devastating effects of economic terrorism on Iranians' access to basic necessities, including medical and pharmaceutical items during the Covid crisis.

Khatibzadeh also spoke of those who were behind the agenda of the special rapporteur, saying some of the countries, which carry out the largest number of international human rights attacks against Iran, impose or enforce oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people, sell advanced weapons to criminals, cooperate strategically with the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people, and support terrorist groups. Therefore, he said, these countries are themselves the biggest violators of human rights in the world.

Source: Tehran Times