Admiral says Iran's Navy capable to offer advanced technology

27 November 2021 | 09:42 Code : 2007939 From the Other Media Latest Headlines General category
Admiral says Iran's Navy capable to offer advanced technology

Admiral Shahram Irani made the remarks in a press conference on Saturday on the eve of Navy Day, which falls on November 28. 

“Navy Day, November 28, 1980, marks the bravery and self-sacrifice of the soldiers who, in difficult conditions and unequal war, were able to completely cut off the strong arm of the enemy and appear on the scene in such a way that the enemy could never have a say in the sea,” the commander said in open reference to the Iranian Navy’s victories against the Saddam regime’s naval forces in the Persian Gulf in the early days of the imposed war.

The top military official noted that the November 28th is the day that the Navy succeeded to cut the economic artery of the enemy with authority and change the scene of the war and this boosted the morale among all forces, IRNA reported.

“Navy Day is a very sacred symbol of the forces who, by carrying out a difficult operational hierarchy, reached the point where they carried out the proud operation of Morvarid (Pearl) in several stages, and today we consider it necessary to commemorate these martyrs,” the admiral stated. 

The top commander also said in those days Iran's Navy carried out operations from the Strait of Hormuz to the north of the Persian Gulf, but today the Navy is carrying out vital, sensitive and important missions in the depths of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea and is able to act in a way that would provide security for the whole region and the world. 

On the sanctions on the Iranian defense industry, Admiral Irani stated, “It does not matter to us whether the sanctions are lifted or not. It was important to lift the sanctions when we were at war and we had to do our duty, which was denied to us at that time. Today, lifting or imposing sanctions in another military sphere is of no value to the Iranian people.”

The admiral noted that when the enemy focuses on pressure on the Iranian people and bans import of medicine and medical equipment, it means that it is very weak and its capability in the battlefield has reached the lowest possible level and has left the region with disgrace and therefore it has decided to target the ordinary people. 

Of course, he said, such intentions from the enemy are nothing new and Iran has experienced it time and again.

The commander also described the Iranian Navy as equipment-oriented, scientific, political, military and international. 

“Accordingly, in the near future, we will have unveilings in various fields appropriate to future needs and threats, and this is our effort to make good use of the country's capacities.”

“Keeping the trainings up-to-date and improving the deterrence capability of the country are among the plans and missions of the Navy,” the commander underscored, noting that during the recent Zulfiqar-1400 military exercise Iran used new equipment in the operational arena and as the powerful arm of the country.

The massive military exercise, held on November 7-9, involved naval, air force, air defense, and ground force units. It stretched from the eastern sector of the strategic Strait of Hormuz to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean and parts of the Red Sea.

The admiral announced launching an exhibition of new achievements of the Navy as another program of his force on the occasion of Navy Day and stressed that the Navy had an effective presence in the seas and was able to change all the enemies’ equations in a way that the capability of the Navy was no longer hidden to anyone.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Navy commander underscored that wherever there is water, the holy flag of Iran could be hoisted depending on the strategy and order that would be given to the Navy.

Irani announced that upgrading defense capability of surface, sub-surface and air equipment of the Navy as one of the main missions.

“When our country can produce all kinds of ships, submarines and various types of advanced defense equipment, then sanctions have no meaning,” the commander remarked. 
Irani noted the fact that the enemy is sanctioning medical equipment and endangering the people’s health and basic necessities needed by the people means that it has used all its power and out of desperation and inability has resorted to sanction the medicine needed by patients.

He then went on to say that today the Navy is proud to conduct a mission that has ensured the security of shipping lines and escorting merchant vessels deep in the oceans and fight against pirates.

“Today, the scene of fighting against pirates and ensuring maritime security and maritime trade lines has passed from piracy to maritime terrorism. The Navy is present everywhere with authority and ensures the security of the shipping lines.” 

Source: Tehran Times