Iran renews call for formation of inclusive government in Afghanistan

17 May 2022 | 07:53 Code : 2011949 From the Other Media Latest Headlines General category
Iran renews call for formation of inclusive government in Afghanistan

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson called on the Taliban to fight the threats that terrorist groups pose to the neighboring countries, reiterating the need for the formation of an inclusive government in the country.

Making the remarks at a weekly press conference on Monday, Saeed Khatibzadeh added Iran’s policy toward Afghanistan is based on the realities on the ground in the neighboring country and the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy principles, Tasnim News Agency reported.

Turning to the reciprocal visits and ordinary meetings between Iranian and Afghan officials, the spokesman reminded the caretaker government of Taliban of its definite responsibility to ensure security in Afghanistan and make sure that terrorist groups would not pose any threat to Afghanistan’s neighbors.

He also emphasized the need for the Taliban to push for the formation of an inclusive and broad-based government in Afghanistan.

“This is the stance we have been pursuing in the past months. We are serious about (the fate of) all the people of Afghanistan, including all ethnicities and groups, and are concerned about their conditions,” Khatibzadeh noted.

Afghanistan has been in turmoil since the Taliban, who had previously ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, returned to power on August 15 last year amid a chaotic U.S. troop withdrawal from the war-torn country.

Since then, the country has been the scene of recurrent terrorist attacks, some of which have been claimed by the Daesh terrorist group.

Source: Iran Daily