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publish date : 26 Sunday February 2012      20:17

I Vote, You Vote, We Vote...

Electoral campaigns started from last Thursday in Tehran.
Tehran and other Iranian cities prepare for the Ninth Parliamentary elections, the first poll since the 2009 post-presidential election turmoil; with the Reformist candidates entering the contest as independent figures. In Tehran, four major political camps are taking part in the polls: the United Principlist front, the mainstream Principlist camp, under the leadership of Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani; the Resistance Front, more radical Principlists who follow an Ahmadinejad Minus Mashaei policy, vying and trying to turn the president to his first administration era -that is, focus on social justice, religious conservatism and an ideological diplomacy; the Reformist candidates and Voice of the Nation, a coalition of Ahmadinejad critics, led by Ali Motahhari and Hamidreza Katouzian.

Source: Mehr News

 Citizens are eligible to vote from the age of 18. This number used to be fifteen until five years ago.

For certain stripes of the society, voting is a religious duty.

Former correspondent of the state-run TV in New York Morteza Ghoroghi running for the parliament. His predecessor in New York, Bijan Noabaveh, is already an MP.


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