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publish date : 19 Monday December 2016      17:59

Iran’s Rouhani unveils Charter of Citizens’ Rights

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated a ceremony on Dec. 19 to unveil Iran’s first ever Charter of Citizens’ Rights, the state-run IRINN TV reported.

The Charter focuses on points regarding the country's Constitution and rights of the nation.

Rouhani said that the president is responsible for implementation of the constitution, because the only person who is elected with the direct nation-wide votes in Iran is the president.

He further criticized neglecting certain articles of the constitution which are related to citizens’ rights, saying that some people "do not even tolerate some parts of the constitution."

Rouhani added that Charter of Citizens’ Rights will facilitate implementation of the constitution.

He further said that preparing the charter was one of his campaign promises in 2013 which now is being materialized, adding that he is committed to fulfill all the promises regarding the rights of women, ethnic groups and religious minorities.

The Iranian president also said that all people and entities should move within the framework of the laws, adding that no institution or person, no group or party and the media is untouchable as far as law is concerned.

In his 2013 presidential campaign, Rouhani promised to prepare a charter of the citizens’ rights. He introduced the first draft of the charter within the 100 days after he took office as president in Aug. 2013.


Source: Trend

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