Final Solution to Syrian Crisis : All Players Must Agree On One Plan

31 August 2012 | 23:46 Code : 1906230 From the Other Media General category’s interview with Seyyed Morteza Nematzadeh, Iran’s former cultural counselor in Syria
Final Solution to Syrian Crisis : All Players Must Agree On One Plan

- The expectation that the problem in Syria will be solved in the Tehran Summit or an agreement will be made on each of the proposed  plans is not realistic.

- I believe that the plan that was previously proposed by Russia based on the formation of a contact group in which all related parties to the Syrian crisis would gather to reach a solution, was a suitable plan which was unfortunately never established due to the US’ disagreement.

- The reality is that the crisis in Syria cannot be solved inside this country. This means that the regional and international players play a very important role in the continuation of this crisis. As long as all of these players do not gather in a meeting to reach an agreement on a plan, solving this crisis is very difficult.

- However, dialogue between regional parties, which is included in Egypt's plan, and also talks between Assad's opponents and the Syrian regime can, to some extent, help to find a solution. This issue is somehow present in Iran's plan. But now the issue of Syria has become an international issue, i.e., it has come out of a domestic and even regional status and reached an international status.

- Therefore, all domestic, regional and international players must agree on a plan to reach a solution.

- Of course, other solutions like Iran, Egypt, and Russia's plans can help Syria to find a solution for its problem. But the final solution to the Syrian crisis can be found when all effective players and elements agree on a single plan and commit themselves to it. This is certainly very difficult and at least cannot be reached in the near future.

- I believe that if effective parties in the Syrian crisis, whether domestic, meaning the Syrian regime and its opponents, or regional, meaning Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Iran and the Arab League, or international, meaning the West and Russia and China, agree to negotiate without any pre-conditions, they might be able to reach a moderate solution.

-But if pre-conditions exist, meaning that some say that negotiations must be done without Assad, and some say it should be held with Assad, these negotiations will certainly not take place.

-The main problem is the problem of pre-conditions. I think that Iran and other parties that agree to solve this crisis peacefully, meaning Russia and China, have accepted the issue that, even if some changes are to occur with regard to Assad, this should be agreed upon during negotiations and not as a pre-condition.

-Therefore, as long as these pre-conditions exist, nothing will be solved. The main condition is that all parties gather to discuss different issues, one of which would be  the issue of Assad remaining in or leaving power or a middle solution in which Assad remains in power until the next elections in 2014, and then he either participates in elections as a candidate or does not participate at all. 

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