How Our Relations with Egypt Should Be

23 September 2012 | 05:10 Code : 1907129 From the Other Media General category
An essay by Hamid Reza Asefi, former spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, for Arman newspaper
How Our Relations with Egypt Should Be


The Islamic Republic of Iran is very popular among the people of Egypt; but unfortunately both the US and the Zionist Regime and also some reactionary Arab countries of the region exert pressure on the Morsi government to prevent him from improving his country's relations with the Islamic Republic as it should be. Therefore, I believe that we must consider several points in our diplomacy with Egypt: 

First, we should attend to all aspects of our viewpoints with regard to Egypt, and not hastily react to any statement made or any measure taken by different groups in Egypt. We must consider Egypt's complications and should not have the incorrect interpretation that our relations with this country will soon be improved. Considering the fact that, in Egypt, various institutions play roles in the trend of foreign policy, besides the Foreign Ministry, Egyptian intelligence and information institutions are important in these issues. It was on this basis that the issue of establishment of relations with Egypt did not improve during the Mubarak regime, because, in fact, the key to reestablishment of relations was in the hands of the intelligence forces. In my opinion, these structures have not yet been destroyed and they still exist in the new Egypt. 

Therefore, we in the Islamic Republic must pursue the issue of Egypt with more accuracy and assessments should not be hastily drawn. Another point which must be considered with regard to Egypt is that Iran should not try to improve its relations with Egypt through propagations and the media.

The necessary measure in improving our relations with Egypt, as is the case with some other countries, is to activate a very delicate and secret diplomacy. If we pay attention to these points, our relations with Egypt will certainly be improved. The Egyptians themselves know that having good and strong relations with the Islamic Republic is in their interests. This kind of relations can safeguard them against the greed of the Zionist Regime and the Americans. 

The Islamic Republic has always declared its willingness to establish relations with Egypt, but due to certain reasons, including the Camp David Accord, our relations were cut off. However, it was later shown that Iran had taken the right measure. Besides, we have lots of similarities with each other culturally, religiously and politically. In my opinion, there is no barrier on the part of the Islamic Republic. 

Some barriers might exist in Egypt, barriers which are mainly external. In fact, the Zionist Regime, the US administration and some western countries and several Arab reactionary countries of the region do not consider any interests for themselves in Iran’s relations with Egypt. That is why they exert pressure from different channels to prevent it; they assume that the establishment of these relations would reduce their importance and possibly create another atmosphere. All of these measures will lead to the transfer of the Islamic Awakening to other countries of the region. 

Some Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region intend to create a rift in this region. The issue of the Persian Gulf can be an excuse for them. Of course, I believe that if the Egyptian politicians carefully study this matter, they will reach the point that having relations with Iran is in line with their long-term interests and losing Iran can, in no way, be forgiven. 

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