Israel’s Objective In Its Aerial Attack On Syria

01 February 2013 | 18:38 Code : 1912279 From the Other Media General category’s interview with Hossein Rooyvaran, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs
Israel’s Objective In Its Aerial Attack On Syria


- One of the objectives of foreign instigators in Syria’s protests, i.e. the US, Israel, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar, which financially, morally, and politically support the protesters is to destroy the Syrian military since today it is the only Arab military whose belief and identity are based on opposition with Israel.
- Within this framework, it is all based on the idea that the Syrian military confronts the protesters and is destroyed through a civil war.
- On the other hand, the reconstruction of the new military might take a few decades, as was the case in Iraq when the US abolished the military and now, after a decade, still no acceptable military has been formed in that country.
-  Therefore, the collapse of the Syrian military is an objective for them and, from the Israeli point of view, all military power sources including research centers, weapon-making factories and command centers should be attacked and destroyed.
- The Syrian military is a moderately cohesive military with a clear and transparent belief opposed to Israel. Up to now, less than 10 percent of the military has been involved in the process of containing and suppressing the protesters.
- Therefore, this military continues to be untouched and with its vast missile potentials, Israel is definitely concerned about the Syrian military. 
- These attacks cannot remain unanswered. Although the Syrian government is now preoccupied with domestic issues, the recurrence of such events will be answered by the Syrian military, possibly complicating the situation more.
- It means that there is a possibility that Syria will respond to Israel's actions, practically complicating the situation and spreading the internal conflicts to outside of Syria.
- There is a strong possibility that, in the event of the seriousness of Israeli attacks against Syria, we will witness strong support on the part of Iran and Russia for Syria. Russia has a military center from where Syria is entirely covered through satellites and military capabilities.
- Syria-Russia relations are very close and, for this reason, Russia may threaten Israel with more serious reactions.
- As Iran supported the axis of resistance in Lebanon during the 33-year war, the same behavior can be repeated with regard to Israeli aggression against Syria.
- Israel has definitely sought to undermine the Syrian military; however, the lack of capability on the part of the opposition to perform this mission has forced Israel to become involved directly.
- This is an important indication of the opposition's failure in realizing many objectives Israel has defined for them.
- Therefore, I think Israel's involvement in the scene is indicative of the opposition's defeat and the fact that Israel still insists on realizing these objectives even at the expense of its involvement, which can complicate the situation more and increase the expenses for everyone.
- Most of Israel's behaviors are unwise. Israel's attack against a center in East Syria claimed to be a nuclear reactor or the attack against an Iraqi nuclear reactor and hundreds of other such actions were not wise at all. Israel has always believed that the US supports it in the Security Council and that it can pass these crises.
- In this recent measure, the Security Council, as the highest office of security in the world, must immediately hold a meeting and condemn this measure; but we see that there is no action taken by the UN and even if there is, it will be vetoed by the US.
- This issue shows that there is a problem in the UN structure which Israel is taking advantage of and always makes all of its aggressions under this umbrella.

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