Pakistani President Stresses Efforts to Release Iran’s Abducted Border Guards

29 March 2014 | 22:59 Code : 1930729 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussein has assured that he will do his best to help release the abducted Iranian border guards, media reports said.

"I will do my best to pave the way for the freedom of the abducted Iranian border guards," the Pakistan-based newspaper 'The News' quoted President Hussein as saying on Saturday.

He stressed that those responsible for abduction of Iranian guards would be duly punished.

On Thursday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said President Hussein has assured him that Islamabad is making its utmost efforts to release the Iranian border guards who were abducted along the two countries' borders in early February and kept hostage in Pakistan ever since then.

"During our meeting in Kabul, the Pakistani president underlined that his government will do its utmost to release Iranian kidnapped border guards," President Rouhani told reporters.

On Wednesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned abduction of the five Iranian border guards carried out early in February by Jeish al-Adl terrorist group, and pledged to do his best to root out terrorist groups from his country's territories.

In a phone conversation with President Rouhani, the Pakistani premier assured the Iranian president that Pakistan would spare no efforts to help release the kidnapped Iranian border guards.

He further underlined that Pakistan feels strongly committed to guaranteeing security along its borders with Iran and will never allow the terrorists to use Pakistani soil to carry out attacks on Iran.

President Rouhani, for his part, called for Islamabadˈs immediate action to release the Iranian border guards as well as the arrest of the terrorists behind the incident.

Rouhani said Iran expected serious measures to be taken by Pakistani officials to help release the border guards, specially after a joint border commission was formed.

He underlined Iran's resolve to cooperate with Pakistan to counter terrorism in the region and said Tehran is ready to cooperate with Islamabad, at any level, to establish security along the borders.

Rouhani noted that the terrorist groups are seeking to damage friendly ties between the two Islamic and neighboring countries, and expressed hope that Pakistani government would take immediate measures in that regard.

On Monday night, the Iranian Interior Ministry confirmed the reports that Jeish al-Adl terrorist group has killed one of the five Iranian border guards.

"The local officials (in Pakistan) have confirmed the report on the martyrdom of one of the abducted Iranian border guards by Jeish al-Adl terrorist group," Interior Ministry Spokesman Hossein Ali Amiri told FNA on Monday night.

He made the remarks after Jeish al-Adl claimed on its tweeter page that it has killed Jamshid Danayeefar, one of the kidnapped border guards.

The execution of the border guard came as an Iranian official said on Sunday that efforts and consultations with the Pakistani officials still continue to secure the release of the border guards.

"Talks with national and local Pakistani officials have been held at different levels and they have made some promises," Governor-General of Iran's Southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province Ali Awsat Hashemi told FNA.

He expressed the hope that the young border guards would be released to return to their families soon.

The five Iranian border guards were abducted in Jakigour region of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan Province on February 6 and taken to Pakistan.

Jeish al-Adl later claimed responsibility for their abduction.

The terrorist group released a photo of the kidnapped border guards on its Tweeter page and claimed the responsibility for their abduction on February 8. Earlier reports had already revealed that the abducted soldiers had been transferred to Pakistan which has a long border with Iran in the Southeastern parts of the country.

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