Interaction with the World, Not Merely Diplomatic Formality

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An essay by Gholamali Khoshroo, Iran’s ambassador to Switzerland
Interaction with the World, Not Merely Diplomatic Formality

Iran’s President met with the heads of several European countries including France, Britain and Switzerland on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly: meetings which could open a new chapter in Iran’s relations with Europe. Last year, Europe was faced with the crisis in Ukraine and confrontation with Russia, the political and economic implications of which have impacted all European countries. Now the severe conditions of radicalism in the Middle East and North Africa have not only threatened Europe’s interests but thousands of European citizens have also joined these radical, terrorist and Takfiri groups and have become a serious threat for the internal security of this continent. Although certain steps have been taken in the direction of the resolution of the nuclear negotiations, the West still insists on its unilateral and unprincipled positions and has practically moved its economic and political relations with Iran towards stagnation. Unilateral sanctions imposed by the US and Europe have practically disrupted Iran’s economic and financial interactions with Europe, thus, great damages have been inflicted upon the critical economy of this continent. If Europe considers its strategic interests, it will easily realize that Iran could be a good trade and economic partner and a significant element of peace and stability in the region. The interaction of the government of prudence and hope with Europe is not a diplomatic formality, but rather a strategic approach. If Europe is concerned about the peaceful of Iran’s nuclear program, Iran will prepare sufficient guarantees for this objective. Europe must use this opportunity in order to gain a balanced compromise in the nuclear dossier and also reconstruct its economic and political relations. The big opportunity of investment and participation in energy, mining and industrial projects in Iran is prepared. Therefore, the economic factor of Iran and Europe will be a stabilizing factor for the entire region. Economic and industrial cooperation between Iran and Europe could be a stabilizing and confidence-building element alongside development and progress. Europe should, once and for all, reach the strategic understanding that Iran is not a threat, but rather an element of peace and stability. Policies and propaganda which have introduced Iran as the big security threat of the region and the world have inflicted the greatest damage on Europe’s interests. If Europe changes its outlook, it will clearly realize that Iran’s nuclear program is only a part of the development and production of energy in Iran. Europe’s bank and oil sanctions against Iran neither have legal foundations nor economic justifications and Europe will have more long-term interests if it thinks about the post-sanction stage as soon as possible.

Last year, Iran’s President proposed a plan to fight against radicalism and violence to the UN General Assembly. If this plan had been seriously considered by the West will all its aspects, we would not be faced with these crimes in Iraq, Syria and Africa today. Iran’s approaches have strategic depth and unfortunately it is the policies of Europe and the US which have become routine and repetitive and are not well-coordinated. Iran is the frontrunner in the fight against radicalism and violence. During recent years, the Takfiri terrorists have massacred thousands of Shiites and Europe has paid no attention to it.    After all these killings, the US President now confesses that the security threat is not Shiite Iran but rather Sunni radicalism which has presented itself through ISIL. Should the blood of all of these innocent  people have been poured in order to realize this simple reality? The fight against radicalism and violence is a complicated and multidimensional task and if Europe pays attention to Iran’s views in this regard, it could succeed in the fight against violence with Iran’s interaction and cooperation. Therefore, Iran’s role in the establishment of peace and security in the region is not compatible with Europe’s approach based on imposing sanctions and exerting pressure on Iran. Recent meetings between the Iranian President and the heads of the European countries were aimed at mutual understanding and the expansion of cooperation and interaction.

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