Nuclear Fuel Will Not Leave Iran

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An interview with Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization
Nuclear Fuel Will Not Leave Iran

Based on the agreement reached with Russia, how long will the construction of the new power plants take?

At the present time, an agreement has been signed with Russia regarding the construction of two new power plants in Bushehr which will be delivered within 104 months. Our cooperation with Russia is not limited to the construction of power plants. We see this matter as a package.

Some state that the construction of two new power plants in Bushehr may lead to complaints by the nuclear negotiating countries. What will your position be then?

If they were going to complain, they would have done so by now. This power plant is built based on our domestic needs, particularly for the production of electricity. This was a peaceful measure and a letter of understanding has been signed in this regard. One of the very significant issues of this letter of understanding is the issue of joint fuel. On this basis, it is agreed that preparations for the provision of the agreed amount of the joint fuel of power plants will be provided in the future.

Some have stated that the issue of the production of joint fuel is, in fact, a US plan based on the transfer of fuel from Iran to Russia.

We will not transfer fuel outside of Iran.

What will the production capacity of these two power plants be?

Considering the functionality of each power plant, the capacity of each power plant is about 1050 Megawatts.

Could the western negotiators claim that this agreement violates the Geneva Agreement?

This is a peaceful measure in line with our domestic needs. Our country needs 20 power plants in order to provide its energy needs. Therefore, this measure must be taken from now.

Some state that the construction of two other power plants next to the Bushehr power plant is not appropriate due to its location on a fault line. Has any measure been taken in this regard?

Iran is located on a fault line. The strongest earthquake has been measured at 7 on the Richter scale. The construction of the two new power plants is based on resistance against 8 magnitude earthquakes.

What is the status of the new generation of centrifuges?

Right now, we have 1000 units of the new generation of centrifuges which have been installed and a chain of 164 centrifuges is being experimented. We have generation 4 and generation 6 centrifuges, and in addition, generation 8 centrifuges, which are of the latest generation and of 24 SEWs, are being mechanically tested. But these centrifuges will not be tested chemically, meaning that they will not be tested with enriched uranium, so long as the negotiations continue.

Will there be a problem regarding the provision of the Tehran reactor’s fuel considering the oxidation of a part of the reserved fuel based on the Geneva Agreement?

Considering the prepared fuels, there is now fuel for the Tehran reactor for three to four years.

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