US Congress Cannot Prevent Nuclear Agreement

03 March 2015 | 11:25 Code : 1944886 From Other Media General category’s interview with Ali Bigdeli, an expert on international affairs
US Congress Cannot Prevent Nuclear Agreement

-Even if the bill that is proposed by some senators is adopted, which is not certain, it will not impact the path of reaching an agreement.

-This bill is in line with the partisan challenge and dispute between the Republican and Democratic parties in the US. Following their failure in imposing new sanctions, the Republicans have proposed this bill.

-The Republicans have realized that the popularity of the Democrats is in increasing decline in the public opinion of the US.

-On this basis, only a big political event such as the end of an important international dispute which had moved towards a war, through diplomatic means could raise the popularity of the Democrats and be presented as a winning card for them in the upcoming presidential elections.

-On the other hand, Barack Obama who is well aware of the intentions of the Republicans is making great efforts to, on one hand, prevent the Republicans from achieving their defined objectives and, on the other, make history by ending the Iranian nuclear dispute.

-It is said that when China’s Foreign Minister visited Iran, he brought a message from the US President for the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran asking them to prepare the ground for the signing of a nuclear agreement. Therefore, there is this will and determination in the White House and the US President to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran.

-Thus, considering this will, it seems impossible that the Republicans would be able to change the path of Iran and the P5+1 in reaching an agreement or neutralize the possible agreement.

-On the other hand, Obama could use his authority in order to reach an agreement with Iran although he needs the Congress’ cooperation in the lifting or at least suspension of the sanctions imposed against Iran. But if the White House is decisive in reaching an agreement with Iran, it will be able to remove this obstacle as well.

-I believe that, due to the regional developments and the serious threat caused by ISIS against the US and its allies, the US’ national interests necessitates the signing of an agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

-The history of the US shows that whenever a party sacrifices national interests for partisan interests, it will be damaged first and foremost.

-Hence, when the national interests of the US are involved, partisan interests and conflicts could not impact this matter and the barriers created by the Congress will not change the path of reaching a nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1.

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