Washington’s Important Signal to Nuclear Negotiating Table

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Fararu.com’s interview with Mehdi Motahharnia, a university professor and expert on international affairs
Washington’s Important Signal to Nuclear Negotiating Table

-On the verge of reaching a possible nuclear agreement with Iran and in response to the measures taken by the US senators, political logic necessitated that the US administration send an important signal to the negotiating table by removing Iran and Hezbollah from the list of threats against the US.

-All signs indicate that the international community needs Iran in the future in order to reach a strong world order.

-Therefore, it must be stressed that Iran also needs to accept the realities of the new world order within the framework of this concept and must attempt to manage this order while considering its viewpoints.

-The US’ review of the list of threats against this country shows that Iran also intends to enter the logic of cooperation in its future, within the framework of constructive interaction.

-This measure taken by the US also indicates that the US, under the leadership of Barack Obama, accepts that Iran thinks about critical interaction and pursues this path.

-Therefore, I would like to emphasize that the US’ measure in removing the names of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah from the terrorist list has been based on a wise and prudent logic.

-The dark clouds which were spread by the US Congress over the nuclear negotiating table have now been faced with a meaningful defense shield by the US administration.

-This was a positive step in the normalization of relations and a strong response to the US neo-cons who express their concerns.

-I have always believed that the US will be Iran’s most important strategic partner in the international community and Iran will also be the most important regional strategic partner of the US in the future world order.

-Although this logic may not be accepted by the existing radical forces in both countries, it is a reality which will impose itself on the power structure of these countries due to the present and future situation of the world.

- The actions taken by the US and Iran have shown that if political wisdom and future management of strategic moves is in accordance with the national interests of both countries and regional and international peace and stability, the “New Heartland”, which is comprised of Iran and the Persian Gulf, will be important geographically for the future world order.

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