Amano’s Visit to Parchin Defuses Allegations against Iran

21 September 2015 | 22:31 Code : 1952176 Latest Headlines

(FNA)- A senior Iranian foreign ministry official said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Chief Yukiya Amano was given a tour of Iran's Parchin military site to show him that all allegations made about the center are lies.

"Yesterday was an important day in the process of the settlement of Iran's nuclear issue and thanks God, the fictions made by ill-wishers against our country about Parchin military site were revealed," Director General for Political Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry Hamid Baeidinejad wrote on his Instagram page on Monday.

Pointing to the western media and officials' attempts in the past decade to introduce Parchin military site as a place to produce atomic weapons, he said all such attempts have failed to yield any result for the West.

On Sunday, Amano was granted access to Parchin, a military base East of Tehran, as efforts are stepped up to resolve by year end "ambiguities" about Iran's past nuclear activities.

"Amano paid a formal visit to Parchin, and visited some workshops about which there has been some false information," Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi said.

The Vienna-based IAEA also confirmed the site visit.

Amano traveled to Tehran on Sunday to hold talks with Head of the AEOI Ali Akbar Salehi and other Iranian officials on ways to implement a cooperation roadmap plan signed between Tehran and the IAEA in Vienna on July 14 after Tehran and the world powers clinched a nuclear agreement.

He also participated in a meeting with the Iranian legislators who are members of a committee to study the JCPOA on Sunday after he attended a session with the US congressmen in August.

Also yesterday, he held a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during which Rouhani underlined that Tehran expected the IAEA to remain fair when monitoring the implementation of Iran-powers nuclear deal.

Amano and Salehi signed a roadmap of cooperation in Vienna on July 14.

The roadmap contains secret arrangements stated in one or two documents entailing on the methods to be used by the two sides in their cooperation.

Senior Iranian nuclear officials have said that all IAEA member states have such secret agreements and the UN nuclear watchdog is duty bound to keep them secret to any third party individual or state.

After the roadmap was signed, Salehi announced that the new agreement would fully settle all unresolved issues pertaining to Tehran's nuclear activities in the past.

"All past issues will be resolved completely after Iran and the Agency adopt some measures," Salehi told reporters after signing an agreement called the Iran-IAEA Cooperation 'Roadmap'.

He said that all agreements, including the measures decided for Parchin military site, will be implemented with full respect to Iran's redlines.

Iran had earlier announced that inspection of the country's military sites are one of its redlines.

"I hope that a new chapter in relations and cooperation between Iran and the IAEA will start after the settlement of the past issues," Salehi added.

Salehi made the remarks in Vienna just a short time after diplomats acknowledged a sum-up agreement had been made between world powers and Iran.

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