Iran’s Image in UN This Year

26 September 2015 | 10:48 Code : 1952302 From Other Media General category
An article by Fereydoon Majlesi, an expert on international affairs, published in Tehran’s Arman daily
Iran’s Image in UN This Year

The visit made by President Rohani to New York two years ago to attend the UN General Assembly was a visit full of hope. A new image of Iran was drawn in that trip. This image was very effective and the measures taken during the visit – despite the reactions of some inside Iran – were fruitful and after two years Iran was able to take the main step in the lifting of sanctions. Today Mr. Rohani steps foot in the United Nations while showing that he has fulfilled his promise. This means that this year’s visit will be more effective and more successful than the previous years. In his past visits, he stressed that the image which was drawn from Iran in the world was false. Now, after the agreement reached between Iran and the P5+1, different groups from the entire world have stood in line to visit Iran and hope to have a share in the economic and industrial development of Iran in the post-agreement era.

Under such conditions, Rohani is visiting New York. He will be able to show the world that all the negative propaganda against Iran has failed. This visit could also cause the attempts made by the Republicans against Iran to fail and remove their false image of Iran. During recent days, there have also been talks of a meeting between the presidents of Iran and the US. It is true that there are many differences between Iran and the US, but they can discuss their issues of difference including the regional issues regarding Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Syria. There are some matters about which both sides should reach an understanding. Of course, Mr. Rohani has stated that he has no plan to visit the US President but I believe that it is the duty of any politician to meet friends and enemies and express his opinion about different issues. Instead of war, he should resolve the problems through talks and dialogue.

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