Friday Prayers Across Iran: Imperialism, Mosul and United Nations

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Friday prayers on October 21, 2016.
Friday Prayers Across Iran: Imperialism, Mosul and United Nations

(Friday prayers' interim leader in Tehran Kazem Seddighi. Source: Saeid Rabiei/YJC)


This week, Friday prayers' leaders across the country warned about compromise with Imperialism, i.e. the United States, analyzed the situation in Iraq on the threshold of operation to liberate the northern city of Mosul from Daesh/ISIS control, and a few days after appointment of a new Secretary General to the United Nations, questioned the efficiency of the organization.


Joining the international community means we turn dependent just like the past” said Kazem Seddighi in Tehran. “But we … want to grow, not to be under their shadow” he added. Seddighi also asserted that Iran will never compromise with Imperialism.


“The enemy wants us to be economically dependent on them” said Ahmad Alamolhoda in Mashhad. “Constructive interaction with enemy is impossible” he reminded, in an implicit criticism of President Hassan Rouhani’s frequent remarks to establish better relations with other countries. “We can’t compromise with the United States … [US] wants nothing but to destroy us.”


In Khorramabad, west of Iran, Miremadi, Friday prayers’ leader, questioned the real intention of the US and its regional allies in fighting Daesh. “United States is not fighting ISIS, but manipulating and using it as a leverage against regional governments” he said. “If the US and its allies stop intervention in Iraq’s domestic politics, the people and government of this country are able to defend and liberate their country from terrorist invasion.”


In Qazvin, northwest of Tehran, Friday prayers’ leader of the city Abdulkarim Abedini hailed the Baghdad-backed Popular Mobilization Units’ move towards Mosul for liberation of the city, calling the operation “an opportunity to forge unity among all walks of life” in Iraq. “Americans, Zionists, British, and Wahhabi Saudis created Daesh to counter export of Iran’s revolution to the world, but with Divine help, their mischievous plans boomeranged towards themselves” said Abedini.


“United Nations has no respect among the public and no one has tied hopes to it” claimed Isfahan Friday prayers’ leader Mirdamadi. Dubbing the UN a “dead” organization, Mirdamadi slammed it for turning a blind eye on the situation in Yemen. “The organization is not aware that the Saudi House has been pouring bombs on people [of Yemen] for two years.”


Similar remarks were uttered by Ali Khatami, leader of Friday prayers in Zanjan. “United Nations has acted with bias and discrimination since establishment” he said, criticizing the veto right that has created a “law of jungle which is a big disgrace”. Khatami added that the only thing materialized by UN officials is “obedience in front of superpowers, especially the United States.”

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