US election arena is a spectacle for exposing their crimes and debacles

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech on the anniversary of seizing United States’ Embassy in Tehran by revolutionary students in November of 1979.
US election arena is a spectacle for exposing their crimes and debacles

On the eve of the National Day, The Fight against Global Arrogance and Students’ Day, his Eminence Ayatollah Khamenei met with thousands of students from various schools and universities from across the nation. In this gathering Ayatollah Khamenei enlightened the students on hazardous efforts meant to distort the truth. Stressing on the resistance rationale of Imam Khomeini (ra) and the nation against the United States, he said, “What would solve the country’s problems is the revolutionary spirit and attitudes, which equate to; reliance on God, inner confidence, the courage to take action, insight, acting according to Imam Khomeini’s advice, initiativeness, optimism about the future, fearlessness towards enemies and never surrendering to them.”

The Leader of the Revolution mentioned the historical holidays celebrated on November 4th (Aban 13th), describing the takeover of the spy den (former U.S. embassy) as the most significant one. He added, “On this day in fact, faithful, revolutionary, courageous, and innovative youth took over that spy den, blocking the enemies from taking any action.

Ayatollah Khamenei reminded the audience of the noble Imam’s (ra) description of the spy den overthrow as “the second revolution”, further stating: This description or name is due to the U.S.’s conspiracies and vicious plots against the Iranian nation, before and after the revolution; because, the U.S. government would spare no effort, no official or unofficial measure, to cause the Islamic Revolution’s fall, hence the revolutionary youth, of that time, nullified her conspiracy by taking over their spy den.

His Eminence gestured towards the documents collected from the former U.S. embassy in Tehran and said, “These documents were torn into shreds at the time of the embassy seizure, and they were pieced back together, thanks to the efforts of the revolutionary youth. These documents expose the extent of the U.S.’s conspiracies and animosity against the Iranian nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei informed his audience on the editing and compilation of nearly 70 volumes of texts collected from documents at the U.S. embassy. He criticized the negligence towards these significant and valuable books within schools and universities and said, “Why is there no trace of these books amongst the school and university textbooks?” He further urged the newly appointed Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education to follow up the issue. He concluded this segment of his speech by stating that: "The seizure of the spy den on November 4, 1979 was in fact a natural reaction to the conspiracies and animosities of a greedy superpower, who for many years considered Iran their property and looted the Iranian nation’s resources and wealth, but whose hands were cut off from our country once the Islamic Revolution gained victory."

The Leader of the Revolution then made reference to certain measures and efforts aimed at indoctrinating two major false ideals into human cognition and public opinion, particularly the youth. At that, he stated: These two errors are: One, the belief that the Noble Imam’s resistance against the U.S. and the fact that he said, “Whatever you want to shout out, shout it at the U.S.” were done out of fanaticism and stubbornness; two, the belief that resolving the country’s problems are tied to negotiation and compromise with the U.S. These two erroneous ideas are being injected into our society—particularly in the media and universities—by the U.S. and the agents’ dependent on them, as well as regretful destabilizers and the gluttonous. The fact that they propagate, “Imam Khomeini’s (ra) resistance was out of prejudice, stubbornness and arrogance” would erroneously insinuate that Imam Khomeini had no logic in standing against the U.S.! This myth is taught while the Islamic establishment and the Iranian nation’s resistance against the U.S. is based on thorough logic and reasoning.

In defense of his arguments and reasons he added, “The nature and policy of the U.S. arrogant regime was founded upon greed and voracity.”
The Leader of the Revolution listed “defending human values” as one of Imam Khomeini’s logical strategies against resisting the U.S. and stressed: The U.S.A. regime is far distanced from human values. And when Imam Khomeini said, “Shout at the U.S. when you want to shout” he meant cry out, “Down with the regime”--the establishment that is remote from human values."

His Eminence turned his attention towards the debates, between two of the U.S. presidential candidates, stating: "These days two presidential candidates are inadvertently exposing the realities and the catastrophes within the US; in the years past, we would talk about fewer debacles within the U.S., and a group of individuals would not or did not want to accept the truth; nowadays, remarks made by the candidates during these debates display the reality of dwindling human values within the United States."

The Leader of the Revolution referred to what the two U.S. presidential candidates discussed, during debates, pertaining to racial discrimination, poverty and the possession of 90% of the U.S.’s wealth by only a 1% minority and said: "The deprivation of human values and human rights, and the prevalence of discrimination and racism are today’s realties of the American society.”

Continuing on Imam Khomeini’s logic to oppose the U.S., Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned U.S.A’s offering of refuge to the overthrown Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, during the initial days of the Iranian Revolution of 79’, and an effort to revive events during a 1958 Iranian coup, asserting: Imam Khomeini (ra) woke up a nation and provided them with awareness, thus preventing a major conspiracy from taking root during the early days of the revolution.”

Ayatollah Khamenei continued on the U.S.A’s various conspiracies during the early days of the revolution, and its pervasive support for Saddam during the 8-year imposed war, as well as the behavior of U.S. government towards Iran since the war and till today. He emphasized, particularly, on the issue of JCPOA and afterwards held, “A few days ago a U.S. negotiator, within the nuclear committee, openly said they have sanctioned Iran after JCPOA, too. And this is the reality of the regime we are encountering.” He indicated this as another erroneous notion that the U.S. and others try to inoculate within the society, stating that, “This is a very dangerous way of thinking: it is said that if we compromise with the U.S. all our country’s problems will be solved! One clear example rebutting such an argument is the issue of JCPOA and the U.S.A’s attitude afterwards.”

Ayatollah Khamenei reminded the audience of his remarks, frequently made since the initiation of the nuclear talks, regarding the unreliability and dishonesty of the U.S. and added, “Today it is not only me saying they are unreliable; the respected authorities and even the negotiators–who underwent great measures and efforts—talk about U.S.A.’s unreliability.”
He further added, “In the event of the recent UNGA in New York, our Minister of Foreign Affairs—in a meeting with his counterparts—proposed an extended indictment of U.S.’s breaching of its commitments set by the JCPOA, and of course they had nothing to add. This is the reality we face with the U.S., and a group of individuals say that we should compromise and negotiate with this same U.S. on issues regarding Syria, Lebanon’s Hizbullah, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and our own domestic affairs!” asking, “Would a regime, who cannot end their animosity towards the Iranian nation, for one second, solve the country’s problems?”

His Eminence emphasized, “Negotiating with the Americans won’t solve our problems: firstly, they are dishonest, unreliable, deceptive, back stabbers; secondly, the United States, itself, is facing a crisis, how can a crisis-stricken country resolve another country’s problems?”

The Supreme Leader inserted that international organizations and even U.S. officials acknowledge there is an economic, political, international and moral crisis within the United States, adding: Right now U.S. debt has neared their GDP and according to global indexes, this is indicative of a great crisis. Now, why is such a crisis-stricken country looking to resolve Iran’s economic woes? Or is the US seeking to exploit Iran’s resources and wealth to save its own skin from a major crisis?

Elaborating on the political crisis in the U.S., Ayatollah Khamenei said, “Today every nation rising up anywhere on the map, against a despotic regime or government, uses the slogan “Down with U.S.A.”, is there any disaster graver than this?”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution talked about the U.S.’s plot—during the 33-day war in Lebanon— for the Greater Middle East with the Zionist regime as the pivotal influence and said, “Now the Americans have sunk lower into a situation where they are desperate in dealing with issues in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and North Africa. Is this not the mark of a crisis?”
He described the Islamic Republic of Iran’s status in the region as the exact opposite of the U.S.A’s status and asserted, “It was with the Grace of God, the Iranian nation withstood crises through courage, insight and perseverance and now Iran is a shining symbol in South Western Asia and the Persian Gulf regions.”

Ayatollah Khamenei termed the moral crisis as just another one of America’s social problems, particularly among the politicians and statesmen asserting, “The remarks made by these two U.S. presidential candidates over the last few weeks on immoral issues—which are, for most part, not baseless accusations—are enough to disgrace America.”

The Leader strongly criticized the effort to promote a false notion that beholds “the resolution of the Iran’s difficulties are tied into compromise with the U.S.” and stressed, “Negotiating with the U.S. will not only fail in resolving our problems, but will also intensify them. We should resolve our problems on our own, and by having faith in our youth’s capabilities and their promising potentials.”

His Eminence dubbed the youth as, “the hope of the nation, the future-builders and leaders of the country”--in the not-so-far-future. He addressed the students by making the following declaration: My valued ones! The cure for the nation’s problems are entwined with the reliance on God; and the spur of the nation’s determination, along with forbearance; as well as, resistance, insight, strong self-confidence and the promotion of that revolutionary spirit. The Revolutionary spirit runs parallel with courage to take initiative, innovation when encountering dead ends, fearlessness of the enemy and never surrendering to them; and most of all remaining optimistic about the future while having faith in God’s promise.



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