Ayatollah Hashemi’s Death to Boost Rouhani’s Chances of Reelection

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In an interview with moderate website Fararu, reformist activist Azar Mansouri reviews the most important events in the last Persian calendar year that ended on March 21.
Ayatollah Hashemi’s Death to Boost Rouhani’s Chances of Reelection

The Persian year 1395 stands out in the last decade for significant developments it contained, Reformist female politician Azar Mansouri= pointed out in an interview with Fararu published on March 27. The run-off parliamentary election, the inauguration of the tenth Majlis, and the shift in the parliament’s approach were among the most significant events according to Mansouri.


Elsewhere in her remarks, Mansouri highlighted the upset death of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani as yet another incident which could bear an impact on the upcoming presidential election. “The sudden demise of Hashemi Rafsanjani came as a great shock both on the people and major figures of the establishment, immediately causing concerns which continue to exist. The void he left behind is felt both in the power structure and at the heart of the society,” Fararu quoted Mansouri as saying. However, she believes the death of the Ayatollah would have positive impacts on the presidential race. “By principle, Rafsanjani’s status in public opinion, the unprecedented participation in his funeral, and the fact that he was one of the main supporters of Hassan Rouhani back in 2013 means that at least in the short-run, his popularity could positively affect the upcoming election in favor of the administration,” she added.


In another part of the interview, Mansouri discussed regional developments and the ways they affected the domestic scene. “We saw serious developments that cannot be overlooked. These include what happened in Syria and its aftermath, the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential race, and the rise of the most radical group to power in Saudi Arabia. In contrast, what happened in Iran over the past year, was the result of the campaign Reformists started in 2013, which led to the prevalence of moderation among political groups and will keep Iran from falling into the abyss of radicalism and extremism,” Mansouri noted.


“A clear sign of the moderation lies in the inauguration of the tenth parliament and its consequences for the Principlist camp, where some of the hardliners lost their previous influence. This indicates that we are moving toward moderation and away from radicalism. This insight comes from a realistic understanding of domestic issues and regional developments taking place, with their own impact on our political scene.”


Azar Mansouri moved on to comment on the Popular Front of Revolution Forces (PFRF) and the candidates it has proposed for the presidential race, saying it will not be able to exercise influence on the election. She went on to say the Ahmadinejad cohort has slim chances, if any. “Ahmadinejad tries to do things in the political sphere that help him pretend his current is still alive. It seems as though the group and its supporters seek to distrain new political factions and split their way from those formerly behind them. Nevertheless, the group will not be able the leave a mark as a serious player in the upcoming race,” she said according to quotes published on Fararu.


When asked to share her anticipation of the two major elections scheduled in less than six weeks, she said the Reformists and supporters of the Rouhani administration will pursue the same approach initially started in 2013 and it promises city council and presidential elections, held by the standards expected in the Reformist camp.


Speaking on the city council elections, Mansouri noted that the Plasco tragedy, during which more than 30 firefighters were killed, has led to increased sensitivity on the part of the people. “It doubled sensitivity over city councils and mayors in our country. Therefore, if the same approach is maintained in the new [Persian] year, the country could move toward the realization of solidarity based on national interests, continue the moderate approach it has adopted, and help make it more and more established,” she added.

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