100 Reasons to Vote for Hassan Rouhani

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Pro-reform newspaper Aftab Yazd has published an article by Ayat Gheisarbeigi who has listed one hundred reasons why Iranians should vote for Hassan Rouhani again in the upcoming presidential election. Here is a translation of the list.
100 Reasons to Vote for Hassan Rouhani

Pro-reform newspaper Aftab Yazd has published an article by Ayat Gheisarbeigi who has listed one hundred reasons why Iranians should vote for Hassan Rouhani again in the upcoming presidential election. Here is a translation of the list.


1.      Because he remained committed to the promises he made to people, undertaking practical measures in order to fulfill them

2.     Because he used prudence and wisdom as a key to unlock the 12-year nuclear deadlock in a short span of two years

3.     Because he secured peaceful nuclear technology, running not only centrifuges but also the wheels of economy

4.     Because he removed Iran’s dossier off the Chapter 7 of UN Charter

5.     Because he introduced Iranian diplomacy as an outstanding example of international relations

6.     Because he put détente on the agenda with a constructive, moderate approach in foreign policy

7.     Because he opened a new chapter in international relations with the nuclear deal

8.     Because he removed the shadow of war from over the head of the great Iranian nation, so that no one can violate public property and national interests in the name of bypassing the sanctions

9.     Because he liberated medicine otherwise blocked by sanctions for patients with ‘Special Illnesses’

10.  Because he put an end to the West’s saber-rattling so that they do not dare to speak to the nation but with a language of respect

11.   Because the nuclear deal put the establishment’s enemies, US and Israel, at loggerheads so that a UN resolution could be issued with an absolute majority against the Zionist regime without a US veto

12.  Because the nuclear deal opened the gates of global economy to Iran, and vice versa, paving the ground for investment and economic growth

13.  Because he had a rational policy in his economic ties, which helped secure national interest instead of causing additional costs. He never wasted national wealth in fragile relations with remote African and Latin American countries, but instead ushered the country in global economic competition.

14.  Because he archived the PMD file with all the false stories, defeating the Iranophobia theory

15.  Because we want Zarif to be in charge of the diplomatic apparatus while Trump is in office as US president

16.  Because he undertook to advocate Iranians’ citizenship rights in international communities, defending national interests with an appropriate rationale

17.  Because we have not gained the nuclear deal easily enough to be ready to let it go easily

18.  Because he was a messenger of peace, moderation, and fraternity to the world and stood against violence and extremism. He was the mastermind of the WAVR Resolution, which established a global coalition against violence and extremism

19.  Because he used moderate language to machine gun the authoritarian wall of oppressive sanctions down on the world’s dictators

20. Because he saved the country’s economy from bankruptcy

21.  Because he controlled the inflation rate for food items, which was about 50 percent in 2012, affecting purchasing power of the households, and brought it down below 10 percent

22. Because the preceding administration did not take significant steps in line with the 20-year outlook plan but for the first time the country has reached 8-percent inflation and 8-percent economic growth in line with the outlook

23. Because if the policies of the previous administration were to continue, we would be experiencing 400-percent inflation rates like Venezuela, which was then in a situation similar to ours

24. Because under his administration the misery index was reduced by a half.

25. Because he reversed the country’s negative economic growth, taking it up from -6.7 percent to +8 percent

26. Because the foreign exchange rate was fixed without relying on petrodollars

27. Because he saved the country from severe stagflation, reversing its negative indicators

28. Because when he took office, instead of laying the groundwork and implementing his own plans, he had to remove the debris from Iranian economy among other problems left as the legacy of Ahmadinejad administration. Now we have hope in his prudence and groundbreaking plans

29. Because we do not want the depreciation of national currency, which dropped to a third under the previous administration but is now boosted above some neighbors

30. Because we do not want a turbulent market where prices go up every minute

31.  Because we do not want unpremeditated decisions and we need plans with a spirit of consult-seeking and team work instead of impromptu decisions

32. Because under his administration, investment in seven free zones for development and employment has increased nine times compared with the previous administration

33. Because 95 percent of the population are now connected to the nation-wide natural gas transmission network, including 9000 villages

34. Because under his administration, 24000 industrial and manufacturing plants previously shut down or half-closed resumed work after years

35. Because the cash subsidies given to lower strata was tripled, a great step toward a really targeted system

36. Because we do not want waste of natural resources in oil fields shared with neighbors

37. Because he restored national dignity by increasing Iran’s portion of gas fields shared with neighbors

38. Because Iran has gained back its oil market share after years of sanctions

39. Because he finds honesty the best policy and considers the realities instead of emphasizing on figures and statistics

40. Because he drafted Citizens’ Rights Charter for the first time, encouraging people to learn about their rights and demand them from authorities

41.  Because he set people as his redline, not like Ahmadinejad whose redline was his cabinet members

42. Because he established respect and ethics in politics, in contrast with the previous administration’s intrusions in individuals’ private lives

43. Because he never prioritized partisan interests over national ones

44. Because he revolutionized the country’s healthcare with Health Sector Evolution Plan (HSEP)

45. Because the HSEP, made into law 20 years ago, was only implemented under the Rouhani administration

46. Because all Iranians are now under healthcare insurance coverage; over 15 million people were insured under this administration

47. Because he reduced hospital costs from 50 percent to 3 percent for villagers and 8 percent for city-dwellers

48. Because his administration has made 20-years worth of hospital cots and 3000 clinics across the country

49. Because he doubled construction budget despite the fact that oil revenues had declined to a half

50. Because the gradual reform in economy has been proved to be beneficial to the country

51.  Because he revived the country’s tourism industry, an indicator of soft economic power in today’s world; Iran is now the first tourist destination in the region

52. Because he revolutionized agricultural industry in underprivileged regions. Iran is not only self-sufficient in wheat production now, but also an exporter

53. Because he revived the steel production industry, reducing imports and boosting exports

54. Because his administration paid special attention to the environment, undertaking practical measures to revive Lake Urmia and wetlands, and to resolve the haze crisis

55. Because he directed the country toward independence from a single-product economy as non-oil exports exceeded oil exports, rendering Iran’s trade balance positive for the first time in 80 years

56. Because he did not waste national resources by unnecessary and excessive imports; Iran imported mineral water from China under the previous administration

57.  Because he boosted development in cyberspace and communications in general. More than 25000 villages in Iran are now enjoying internet connection

58. Because by reestablishing the Management and Planning Organization, he put transparent financial affairs on the agenda

59. Because his administration showed accountability and welcomed criticism

60. Because he did not deny multi-digit pay slips, but apologized, corrected the issue, returned the assets to the treasury and cracked down on those involved

61.  Because he helped establish a culture in which apology by an official is not a taboo anymore

62. Because voting for him is voting for national interests

63. Because he presented his administration as a non-partisan one, using the full capacity of the country in his cabinet

64. Because he fixed the country’s worn-out air fleet after 37 years of sanctions

65. Because his cabinet was a disciplined, punctual and law-abiding one

66. Because we do not want to see scores of new managers appointed overnight

67. Because his administration remained committed to the constitution

68. Because he was faithful to the people, to the Constitution, the Supreme Leader, the establishment and Revolutionary ideals

69. Because he prioritized the love of the nation, the country, and religion over the love of power

70. Because he never used the end to justify the means

71.  Because he called for peace, internationally and domestically

72. Because he undertook to advocate different ethnicities in Iran; local languages are now being taught in schools beside the official language

73. Because his words and actions were the same and he never promised anything he was unable to fulfill

74. Because he was a man of action, not propaganda. Only a small part of his accomplishments have been publicized.

75.  Because his prudence has turned into blossoms of hope

76. Because voting for him is voting for moderation

77.  Because voting for him is a ‘no’ to resolutions and sanctions.

78. Because he is a law expert, familiar with international regulations, and knows the difference between a UN resolution and ‘worthless papers’

79. Because he knows how to properly advocate national interests

80.Because he not only removed sanctions, but also declined to place new burdens on the public’s shoulders

81.  Because he brought back 11 large shipping companies to Iran, reducing foreign trade costs by 30 percent

82. Because he has been involved in all the landmarks of Islamic Revolution along with both the supreme leaders

83. Because his administration made decisions before action, unlike those who took action first and then looked for a justification

84. Because his main vote base is public trust

85. Because he did well in crisis management, decreasing casualty and loss

86. Because we do not want libel, defamation, and accusations in our sociopolitical sphere

87. Because we are midway through and do not want to stop

88. Because we do not want to go back

89. Because we want to reap the fruits of prudence and rationality

90. Because Iran topped science growth rate charts in the world under his administration

91.  Because we are exporting wheat after becoming self-sufficient in production

92. Because with due attention to knowledge production, Iran topped the ranking of countries with highest number of academic papers

93. Because Iran became self-sufficient in petrol production after 36 years, and is now exporting

94. Because Iran is now self-sufficient in diesel fuel production. Last year, Iran exported about 13 million liters per day

95. Because his reelection means continued discipline and transparency

96. Because his administration rationally raised wages and salaries

97. Because he took women’s managerial role into consideration

98. Because he did not pursue global management but isolated and challenged extremism around the world with his moderation

99. Because we find his portfolio successful enough to deserve another term

Because he recognizes moderation as the main indicator of power.

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