Tehran’s newspapers on Saturday 22nd of Mehr 1391; October 13th, 2012

14 October 2012 | 13:49 Code : 1907952 Tehran’s Daily Newspaper Review
Tehran’s newspapers on Saturday 22nd of Mehr 1391; October 13th, 2012


Saturday, 22nd of Mehr - October 13th, 2012





-Supreme Leader: Iran is not an aggressor, and it does not succumb to any aggressor

-Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah: Drone which infiltrated deep inside Israel was made in Iran

-Guardian: The West has proposed new package to Iran for next round of negotiations

-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: US creates barrier in progress of nuclear negotiations

-Salehi confers with Emir of Qatar about regional developments

-US air strike against northwestern Pakistan kills 16 civilians

-Britain signs defense agreement with al-Khalifa regime

-Egyptian protest against acquittal of former allies of Mubarak regime




-Former Intelligence Minister: Social events must not become securitized

-Iranian “Ayoub” over Israel skies

-New round of nuclear negotiations with transformed proposals

-Salehi in Qatar to follow the issue of Iranian hostages

-Foreign Ministry: Human Rights’ report is repetitive, political and biased

-Panetta’s claims about Iran’s cyber attacks

-Michel Suleiman’s response to Iran’s military presence in Lebanon

-Salehi denies Amano trip




-Growing tensions between Ankara and Damascus

-Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah: “Ayoub” drone belonged to Hezbollah

-UAE: Cooperation with Iran positive and constructive

-US Vice President: Iran is not on the path of achieving nuclear weapons

-Larijani: Imposed sanctions are not because of nuclear issues; the West rather intends to break our people’s resistance

- Canada’s former ambassador to Iran: We should have stayed in Iran

-Erdogan: We do not intend to intervene in Syria’s domestic issues

-Panetta: US forces stationed in Jordan to fight against Syria’s chemical weapons threat




-Unrest in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

-Bandar Bin-Sultan scenario to dominate Saudi Arabia

-US’ new charge d’affaires in Libya

-Permission for Turkey’s army operations in northern Iraq renewed

-Syria accuses Turkey of air-robbery

-China angry over Human Rights report

-Erdogan’s policies provide West’s interests in the region




-Forceful landing of a plane

-Israeli historian questions the “promised land”

-Venezuela’s foreign minister, Chavez’ Deputy

-11 killed and wounded in Mosul clashes

-Russia’s Foreign Minister: The West is stuck with the Cold War



-Bashar Assad: Our problem is the government of Turkey, not the people or the army

-Morsi removes Egypt’s General Prosecutor

-Nobel Peace Prize for European Union

-Hot debate of Romney and Obama’s deputies

-Minister of Economy: Western countries pay the price for sanctions

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