Tehran’s newspapers on Sunday 21st of Aban 1391; November 11th, 2012

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Tehran’s newspapers on Sunday 21st of Aban 1391; November 11th, 2012


Sunday, 21st of Aban - November 11th, 2012





-Washington’s failure to unite Assad opposition

-Ahmadinejad’s negotiations with Vietnam’s senior officials

-SCAP Convention in Tehran with presence of 67 countries

-IAEA and Iran meeting on Dec. 13th in Tehran

-Iran’s ambassador to UN demands immediate measure of international community to stop Israel’s actions in Palestine

-Foreign Ministry Spokesman: US doesn’t deserve to be member of Human Rights Council

-USA TODAY: No one in the US desires war with Iran

-17 Turkish officers killed in helicopter crash

-Israel confesses to terrorist actions in Lebanon




-Obama’s new selection for nuclear negotiations with Iran

-Amano confesses to peacefulness of Iran’s nuclear program

-Ross’ statements about Iran’s nuclear program

-Iran’s parliamentary delegation visit of Turkey

-Iranian prisoners in Syria to be transferred to Tehran

-Iranian vice-president’s trip to Iraq

-CIA Director resigns

-Iran and Saudi Arabia arms deal




-Iran’s ambassador to IAEA confirms new round of talks with IAEA in Tehran

-Ahmadinejad’s 4 day visit to Indonesia and Vietnam ends

-Brussels to host P5+1 meeting on Nov. 21st

-Associated Press: Reduction of Iran’s economic sanctions, new Obama policy in nuclear negotiations

-US president renews state of emergency order against Iran

-Israel’s plan to destroy 22,000 residential units in Jerusalem

-Erdogan: All countries must be Security Council members

-Annan: Military option, no solution for Syria’s crisis

-Syria’s Information Minister: Doha Conference, interference in Syria’s internal affairs




-Growing unemployment in Europe

-Syria’s opposition divides power in Doha Conference

-Bahraini youngster killed by al-Khalifa

-7.6 billion dollar Pentagon contract with Saudi Arabia

-US isolation in economic war

- US national hero’s sexual scandal

-First female Interpol president

-Turgut Ozal was poisoned

-US military station in Yemeni base



-New nuclear proposal to Iran?

-Prediction of Obama administration’s behavior with regard to Iran

-Will Washington’s approach change?

-Behind the scenes of Putin’s house-cleaning

-Obama to visit Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia

-Russians’ desired substitute for Hillary Clinton




-US’ new approach in Iran’s nuclear issue

-Atomic Energy Organization president: Bushehr power plant to be delivered in January

-11,000 displaced Syrians escape to neighboring countries

-Bahraini police attack praying people

-Popular protests reconvene in Saudi Arabia 

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