Nuclear Dossier Should Not Be Politicized

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An interview with Dr. Ahmad Gharib, university professor and advisor to the former head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization
Nuclear Dossier Should Not Be Politicized


Recently, Mr. Fereydoon Abbasi, the Director of the Atomic Energy Organization, has stated that Iran will not suspend 20% enrichment. This is while other officials like Mr. Ahmadinejad had stated in the past that Iran is ready to suspend its 20% enrichment program if the sanctions are cancelled. Why do you think there are these different positions?

It seems that there is mismanagement with regard to this issue. The problem is that everybody expresses his opinion regarding this matter, but nobody thinks about solving it and safeguarding the interests of the people. If this trend continues, the problem will not be solved. With regard to the issue of atomic energy, there are numerous problems. Some have considered the external dimension of the enrichment issue and express their opinions on a daily basis. It can only be said that nobody is concerned about solving people’s problems. It is on this basis that I believe that, on the nuclear issue, some do not move in the direction of solving the problem.

On the side of the western party, there are also people who state that when the Iranians talk a lot, they certainly have something in their hands on which they rely. Of course, they themselves know that Iran seeks peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Do you therefore believe that these kinds of statements will disrupt the trend of negotiations?

Yes. Unfortunately, I must say that the other side speaks with more prudence than us. They intend to solve the issue. But Iran proposes new issues in each round of the negotiations. If we attempt to solve this problem, how come the issue has not yet been solved after several meetings? Unfortunately, the Iranian officials do not really try to solve the problem; they instead think about what they should say to be approved and be promoted. In my opinion, the behavior of the Iranian officials does not seem to be directed at solving the problem.

What do you think should be done to solve this problem?

I have, several times in the past, stated that this path will not lead to any achievement. Those countries that have been successful in acquiring nuclear technology have followed other paths; but I believe that Iran has not been able to pursue a suitable trend to solve this problem. Even if our situation is compared with North Korea, we must say that this country cooperates with Russia to reach certain capabilities. This means that it is fed from a source, but Iran, at the present time, is not fed by any country.

Can it therefore be said that the suspension of 20% uranium enrichment will not solve the problem either?

At the present time, Iran's nuclear issue is not about 20% enrichment. This issue has been transformed from a technical one to a political one. The more the political dimensions of this issue are highlighted, the more difficult solving it will be. The main problem inside our country is that everybody feels that he is entitled to speak about this issue and allows himself to express his opinion about it. But none of them are concerned about what will happen to the people if this situation continues.

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