Obama Still the Frontrunner

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An interview with Dr. Mohammad Ali Basiri, university professor
Obama Still the Frontrunner


What is the level of difference between Tel Aviv and Washington with regard to Iran's nuclear dossier at the present time?

The unity and coalition between the US and the Zionist Regime has not weakened, but they have major differences regarding Iran's nuclear issue. This difference is related to the fact that the US and Europe's viewpoints on Iran's nuclear issue are that it is not a serious threat for which a red line or a time limit must be determined; this is due to the fact that there is no evidence in the IAEA based on Iran's deviation in its nuclear program. 

Nevertheless, the Israeli regime intends to create a situation in which it would be able to enter the US into the scene to confront Iran. But due to the undesirable conditions of the US and the atmosphere in the region and considering the experiences of the Americans in previous wars in the region, especially Afghanistan and Iraq, today the US hesitates to directly enter its military into the scene, and it is more willing to resolve regional issues through its representatives. It has enforced this method in Syria and Libya. Therefore, the Zionist Regime wants the US to have direct confrontation with Iran and at least determine a deadline for it, but the US disagrees with this policy and this is the cause of their difference. 

The tracks of Zionist supporters can be seen in the recent incident of blasphemy towards Muslims which has lead to an uproar in Islamic countries. What is your assessment of the objective of such measures, which are taken in the name of freedom of expression but lead to radicalism instead?

In general, during the past three decades, Islamic movements and the movement of Islamic nations towards political Islam and the entry of Islam in governments have frightened the West. One of the solutions of Western countries in fighting against this issue was to attack and destroy the sacredness of Islam, including the Quran, the Prophet, and the theoretical basis of Islam and its personalities, so that their status in the public opinion of Muslims would be weakened and their ideas and ideals would be destroyed. Then, Western patterns, like liberal democracy and freedom, would gradually govern the general thoughts and lives of the Muslims. This trend was started with the insult made by Salman Rushdie and has continued until today, and the West, including the Zionist Regime which is their ally, agrees on this matter and moves in this direction. 

Considering the recent differences between Tel Aviv and Washington, is it possible that the distribution of this film is an attempt by the Zionists to impact Obama's ratings in this election?

In politics, anything is possible, but from the appearance of this matter, such a project seems far-fetched. The reason is that the person who has made this film is an Indian-American and a Coptic Christian. Some of the Coptic Christians of Egypt have relations with the Israelis. Nevertheless, the possibility exists that the goal of these film-makers was to impact Obama's situation in the elections; for the Election Day is near and impacting public opinion is always the aim of the rivals. 

Obama's rival has called him the second Carter and considers today's problems in the Middle East to be as a result of his weakness. Considering recent events, how would you describe the election atmosphere in the US?

There are always such differences in foreign policy between the Republicans and the Democrats and both sides would certainly attempt to turn the election atmosphere towards their own interests with these kinds of propaganda. On one side, it can be said that the Zionist Regime is closer to the Republicans. Therefore, it seems possible that there has been some collaboration to weaken Obama's reputation among the African-Americans and the minorities who are his supporters and in the Islamic world. But the polls show that he is still leading in this race. 

This means that Obama has succeeded in his domestic policies, particularly with regard to reduction of unemployment, inflation, and insurance services and has weakened the crisis. With regard to international issues, although there have been criticisms and the Republicans relate all of these tensions to Obama's mismanagement, he has been able to manage certain foreign issues which were caused by the diplomacy of the Republicans, including the removal of American forces from Iraq with little cost, gradual removal from Afghanistan, and containment of Iran's nuclear program with the least confrontation and costs. Most probably, Obama will once again win in this election but it is possible that his rival, through propaganda, would be able to change the percentage of votes within the next 50 days. 

How is the internal atmosphere in the US?

The internal atmosphere is still anti-war and anti-intervention, because the impacts of previous interventions, including economic pressures, are still felt among different classes of society. Of course, these tensions have been reduced, the main reason of which is the Wall Street movement which was against interventionist policies. This movement was very strong, but it has now lost its strength, and is the main cause of reduction of economic pressures based on Obama's policies and, at the time being, is just a movement. But in the beginning, the general atmosphere was against the government and capitalism in general; this movement especially opposed US intervention in international issues and this atmosphere should have been promoted. But today's atmosphere shows that public satisfaction with regard to the ruling system has grown and the number of unsatisfied people has been reduced. 

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